What does your face say about you?

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after reviewing  92 people's photos
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It's Written All Over Your Face

We all know that our face communicates information about ourselves to others such as how we are feeling, but what if we our face communicated more? 

What if by looking at a photo of you people could identify your personality?  Would that surprise you?

I believe the clues to our personality are written all over our face.

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I have been harnessing the power of what faces say to understand people for years, but it wasn't until recently that I realized few people did this. I thought everyone did.  Once I realized this, I started to casually test it with strangers I met online, and in doing so even I was shocked at the responses I was getting.  "How did you know that?"  Well, your (face) photo gave me all the clues.

Seeing how accurate I was with a handful of people, now I want to see what result would I get if I read the faces of 100 strangers--strangers with whom I have had no contact before

Will the results be just as accurate?  That's the question.  If we get positive results, I believe I can help people understand each other better.  Will you help me spread the word?

All I do is compare faces of strangers in front of me to faces of people I have known in the past. When I see a striking similarity of one person to another, I can be pretty confident they share similar personalities. 

After reading 50 people, I also realize our emotions reveal clues about who we are as well.  I now know that I am also picking up on people's emotional clues as well because not every face that I have interpreted has been familiar to me.

Can you spot an insecure face versus a secure face?  Can you spot the introvert and the extrovert?  How about the detailed-oriented person versus the big picture person? How about a fearless person?  Or a person who is trusting?  How about a highly motivated and successful person?

Click on one of the participants in the left column to see what I saw when I looked at their photo (you'll also see their responses, too).  You can also see the results of this project to date by click on the score graphic.  You'll see more participants, and all the scores for each individual.

Imagine harnessing the power to understand what faces say to us.

Imagine living in a world with no strangers...

...that's the world I live in.  No face looks strange or unknown to me.